About Us

Welcome to Groupe CJL!

Why CJL?

Ours is a company that has earned its reputation based on trust — the trust of our clients and the trust of the insurance industry. Our team is made up of claims adjusters, project managers, construction companies and professionals of all kinds.

Together, we take all necessary steps to ensure the wellbeing and safety of the people affected by the loss, protect their material goods and allow them to return home quickly and to peace of mind.

When disaster strikes, we act swiftly, focusing on a human, diligent approach. We have the advanced technical skills and unparalleled ability to plan site renovation and reconstruction.

Mario Charron, President of Groupe CJL. With a solid background in the construction industry, he spent more than 20 years on the field managing operations and developing new business. A leader Groupe CJL can trust – a true key actor in the future of the organisation.

We know him for his expertise in major loss cases and for his great abilities in establishing good relations between clients, field workers and corporate teams. Having spent numerous years playing professional hockey in Canada and the United-States, before starting his own company once back in Quebec, he definitely has all the qualities of a real entrepreneur, leader and team player. With his impressive resume and the experts he brings alongside his experience, we know for sure that he will take Groupe CJL to the next level.